Re-elect Bill Knowles - Hamilton County Clerk

What is the County Clerk?


The  County  Clerk is a constitutional officer elected by the people for a term of four years. The specific work of the office is prescribed by the Legislature. Bill Knowles and his professional staff are responsible for more than $30 million annually, and the  County  Clerk's office has earned a clean audit for 47 years running. Trustworthiness is a top value!

Duties are:

  • Vehicle registration and renewal
  • Secretary to the  Hamilton  County  Commission
  • Marriage License
  • Business License
  • Driver license renewal
  • Member of the County  Records  Commission
  • Fish and game permits
  • Boat registration
  • Applications for Notary Public commission
  • Application for pawn broker license


Are you a history buff?
Below is a list of all Hamilton County Clerks* since the first Clerk in1820.


Paid for by the committee to Re-Elect Bill Knowles: Wayne Smith, Chairman